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Canadian Precision Products, is a committed to quality facility,

specializing in manufacturing of high quality components for various global industries with over 75 years combined experience in manufacturing high quality parts and assemblies. We are Located at Allanburg, ON just 20 minutes away from Canada and USA border, which makes us strategically close to major markets and many customers which are constantly seeking high quality parts for their assemblies or maintenance programs. As a 100% Canadian controlled company, we have developed our stellar reputation on commitments to quality, punctuality, work ethics and excellent customer service.

Industries Served

- Locomotives & Rolling Stock

- Mining Equipment

- Agricultural Machinery

- Forestry Industries

- Oil and Gas

Canadian Precision Products

specializes in manufacturing precision machined and fabricates parts and assemblies built specifically to fit our customers’ requirements. Our services are cost-effective with attention to all technical details to ensure the highest quality standards.


- To be the well known manufacturer precision products, providing our customers with high-quality Canadian made components and assemblies.

- To work closely with our customers in order to provide optimal products to meet their company’s goals and needs.

- To share our passion for our products by our customers because of the quality, precision, and innovation found in each component made in our facility


At Canadian Precision Products, our mission is to provide first-class quality and innovative components, assemblies and services in response to our customers' needs. We are committed to continuously improve in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We value and appreciate the skills, commitment, efforts, and attitude of our employees which indeed is essential for the success of our company. The organization believes maintaining a healthy business relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees will be a key factor in further growth, success and prosperity of the organization.

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